Traditional archery KOREAN BOW PHOENIX

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Daylite Archery is producing premium Korean bows and the biggest manufacturer in Korea. Phoenix is used primarily for horse archery and also for short and long distance shooting. has explosive energy flying 145meters by 35lbs of bow. carbon of 1300mm long from tip to tip gives powerful speed to arrow. Bow Length: 48" and 50" optional. Material: 1300mm long carbon / fibre glass / Canadian hard maple it can be used either RH or LH Good Range of draw weights. BCY bow string included.

**How to choose bow length**

* 48" bow : draw length upto 31.5"

* 50" bow : draw length upto 32"

* 53" bow : draw length upto 34"

(* Draw weight was measured at 30")

* 3.3Lbs increment per inch from 30" 

Shipping cost ;

Free- North America(US, Canada), Mexico, Asian countries,

Australia, New Zealand - USD5.00

Europe, Middle East - USD10.00


1) we ship by DHL express and it normally takes 3-5 days to US, Europe and Asia. South America would take 10 working days at least.  we do not ship to PO box.

2) European and some of Asian countries might charge import tax and we are not responsible for the tariff. 


we offer 1 years bow warranty for breakage and serious bow twist. however, wearing out of serving thread or string are not included. 

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