Traditional archery Male thumb ring

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you are buying Traditional bow thumb rings. it was hand made by workmanship. male thumb ring is more easy to pull string and no pain on finger and no slippery. you need to check width of your thumb joint as picture posted and choose your size. if you don't know exact your size, buy smaller one and grind inside by sandpaper or grinder.

Thumb ring sizes: 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 23mm 
Material: Genuine Korean cow horn. 

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How to use Thumb ring wedge;

Male thumb ring includes leather wedge to tighten ring and your thumb in case thumb ring hole is larger than your finger.

          1. let arrow mark pass through hole of thumb ring.
          2. Open the other side of arrow mark and glue it inside(use fabric glue or epoxy glue). place arrow mark inside of glued area and fix it.
         3. Pull and roll wedge till arrow mark inserted part to be jammed.

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